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GFI MAX offers a suite of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Email Security, End Point Security and Managed Hosted Back Up software that’s designed for companies of any size, from the small hungry start-up to the large ambitious MSP.

GFI MAX works hard for MSPs and IT Support companies - helping you stay focused on growing your business, not on mundane routine tasks . From service scripts to automated tasks and custom scripts, we make efficiency easy.

And, it's now even easier to handle tasks with our new scripting community FixIT Scripts!

Software that MAXimizes your business profits

With our evolutionary (not revolutionary) approach to delivering fixed contract IT support, Managed Services are easy with MAX. With over five years working with 7,500 IT service providers worldwide, GFI MAX has developed a ‘common sense’ program that makes it easy to grow recurring revenues with minimal changes to your current business operations!

  • Comprehensive but not complex
  • We help you grow your business
  • Up and running in just 10 minutes
  • Pay-as-you-go. No contracts

Why rely on GFI MAX?

"It’s made us work more efficiently because now we can have just one person monitoring the system - instead of multiple people monitoring multiple systems."

Kulvir Gill

Kulvir GillLETN, Reading, United Kingdom

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