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MAX keep things straightforward, so reliability is MAXimized and hassle is minimized.

Brand everything as your own and manage everything in a single platform - with integrated ServiceDesk capability!

MAX makes it easy! GFI MAX pre-packaged services are aimed at helping you to attract new prospects by selling services from the Daily Server Health Check and Daily Server and Network Management - to the more robust offerings such as the complete Managed Networks, Managed Workstations, Managed Security and Managed Mobile Device services. These will all generate great profits for you!

The system that grows with you - scales as your business scales.

It doesn’t stand still – we add new features and services all the time - like Mobile Device Management, Remote Background Management, real-time alerting, ServiceDesk, App Control and new Web Protection to control, monitor and enforce client web policies - all via a single pane of glass.

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"GFI MAX has improved our services mainly that now we are able to prevent things from stopping. We are able to prevent the stop-gap moments when our clients are questioning themselves – 'Do we really need this partner- because things aren’t working and I cannot do my job'...Now this is mostly eliminated."

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