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GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ is a winning formula for anyone who sells IT services, big or small.

One central dashboard gives you a full monitoring overview plus notification of critical events and processes.With integrated Remote Management, Patch Management, Antivirus Protection and Managed Online Backup, GFI MAX™ forms the foundation for your business success, with software that's designed for companies of any size, from the large,ambitious MSP to small, hungry start-ups.

GFI MAX helps more than 8000 IT support companies to :

  • » Increase monthly revenues from existing customers
  • » Minimize costs
  • » Deliver great customer service
  • » Build new customer relationships

Flexible to change as you grow…

…GFI MAX is more than just software – we have the formula to grow your business whatever your size, from small hungry start-up to large ambitious MSP.

Plus, you won’t outgrow GFI MAX as your business evolves in the years to come. You can use and pay for what you need right now, easily adding in new features when you need them.

Try GFI MAX RemoteManagement with a 30-day full system trial and see how to increase revenues and grow.

View GFI MAX RemoteManagement on your mobile, tablet or laptop so you really can be checking your clients' systems from anywhere - anytime you need to.

Why rely on GFI MAX?

"One of the benefits of GFI MAX is that it allows me to have a better relationship with my clients...We can focus on higher level things such as growth strategies and making sure their IT grows with their business."

Brad Kendall

Brad Kendall.CCR Technologies, Canada

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