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10,000+ IT support companies and Managed Service Providers, like yourself, are already part of GFI MAX community - the fastest growing MSP community worldwide.

You too could use RemoteManagement to proactively monitor clients' networks, prove your worth with branded reporting, perform remote support, patch management and deliver high-value services using Web Protection, ServiceDesk and App Control.

What's more, combine new Web Protection with MAX MailProtection and Managed Antivirus with Patch Management to offer clients complete protection from every security angle!

GFI MAX offers a suite of software that’s designed for companies of any size, from the small hungry start-up to the large ambitious MSP.

Don't think of us as software providers, we’re here to help you grow your business. We know that you’re doing a truly heroic job of fire fighting, and have very little time to sit back and think about the future, investing, hiring and all these other things that need to happen to make sure your business continues to grow.

The good news is that MAX automates and handles the time-consuming daily chores and frees you up to grow and run your business better. And that’s just the start. We also offer free to all our customers our award winning “Building Blocks to Managed Services Program” giving you ideas on how to build service packages as well as sample contracts, SLAs, Statement of Works and a huge range of marketing collateral to help you grow your business. Take a trial today and see for yourself!

  • Comprehensive but not complex
  • We help you grow your business
  • Up and running in just 10 minutes
  • Pay-as-you-go. No contracts

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"GFI MAX made it possible for us to successfully transition most of our clients to Managed IT Services."

Steven Thom

Steven ThomOwner and President Thom Infotech, Chicago

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