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No hidden costs = higher margins for you

GFI MAX Backup is an all-inclusive hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery service which is designed to help you easily build in margins and sell as part of your managed services offering :

» NO hidden restore fees, seeding fees or vendor fees
» NO quotas or minimum commitment requirements
» ONLY pay monthly per GByte of data selected for backup

All part of the service...
Retention & archivingDisaster recovery
Exchange store & mailbox recoveryMarketing materials
Brandable as your ownPSA Integration
Seed-loadingTechnical support

  • Military-grade protection for customer data
  • Low maintenance, complete control, no stress!
  • Incredibly fast backup and restorations
  • Scales easily to meet the needs of your customers

Why rely on GFI MAX?

"One of the benefits of GFI MAX is that it allows me to have a better relationship with my clients...We can focus on higher level things such as growth strategies and making sure their IT grows with their business."

Brad Kendall

Brad Kendall.CCR Technologies, Canada

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