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When it comes to Hybrid Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery, how is GFI MAX Backup different to the rest?

Well, it starts with recovery, and recovery starts with speed. How do we do it?

» Hybrid technology means you recover from the fastest location: either onsite or from the cloud, bringing together the best of both worlds
» But we go further…never moving more data than is absolutely necessary…applying all the same principles of block level deduplication to Recovery – which nobody else does.
» But that’s not all...
» Recover in priority, so the important data is available even faster
» And every recovery and archive point restores at the same blazing speed, regardless of whether it was backed up 2 days ago or 2 years ago.

Should disaster really strike, you can make a full system recovery in just a few clicks.

Does that sound like the type of recovery you’re looking for?

Backup just needs to work, regardless of the business environment. GFI MAX Backup has it ALL:

» Full support for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Hyper-v, VMWare, Oracle, mySQL, network shares
» One solution for Windows, Linux, and Mac
» One solution for both retention & archive
» One solution for both local and cloud storage

See for yourself, try GFI MAX Backup free for 30 days.

  • Military-grade protection for customer data
  • Low maintenance, complete control, no stress!
  • Incredibly fast backup and restorations
  • Scales easily to meet the needs of your customers

Why rely on GFI MAX?

"One of the benefits of GFI MAX is that it allows me to have a better relationship with my clients...We can focus on higher level things such as growth strategies and making sure their IT grows with their business."

Brad Kendall

Brad Kendall.CCR Technologies, Canada

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